Grey Water Systems

* Grey water is a term used to describe the water that has gone through the household plumbing system to assist with the disposal of everything except human waste (it’s not actually always grey in colour!)Grey Water

* Between 200 to 400 litres of grey water is produced each day and it can take 1400 Litres of water to irrigate an average household garden each cycle

* There is less threat with this water causing contamination, by following approved guidelines it can be re-used to water our gardens

* There are many devices that can process this water (some quite elaborate and others as simple as a wheelie bin)

* We have installed units that treat water to the stage of almost ready to drink

* You cannot store grey water for long periods of time and cannot mix with tank water unless it has been treated to an acceptable standard

* The biggest problem with grey water is the sodium in detergents. Highly salty water can be a big problem.  By choosing the right products and being responsible about what goes down the drain we can reduce this problem. This means being careful about the laundry detergents, cleaning agents and personal hygiene products we choose. In short, if you can’t put it on your skin, then it doesn’t go out to the garden.

* We have worked on projects where you can only use recycled water and it’s been a huge success. This is possible just about everywhere – can you imagine how much water we would save!!!

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