Get your Landscape ready for Christmas!

As we hit the silly season, it’s time to set the scene for your get-togethers.

I would suggest not to do any heavy pruning or shaping at this stage, as it’s too late and won’t regenerate in time.  However, you can add lots of simple colour by planting annuals and perennials such as Petunias and Pelargoniums.

You can even cheat by cutting a spray of flowers from a friend’s plant and draping it over your fence, Bougainvilleas work well for this.

A great way to dress up old fences or balconies is to use foliage from your garden (or from other gardens – with permission!) to create a display for the day. Just remember, it’s best to leave this until the night before as they may wilt and start to look a bit shabby on the day.

If you lack a good lawn area, you can simply use green shade mesh pegged out like a tarp to give you a usable clean area for outdoor entertaining.

If you like the sound of water and want to create that mood without a huge expense, go to Mildura Pots and Fountains and ask them to set up an inexpensive glazed pot water feature for you. Pot and fountain pump should cost around $150. This will create the tranquil sound of water without having to have a large pond.

If you have tables and chairs that are past their prime, simply cover them with cheap colourful cloth.

You may have an area that you have always wanted to pave, but just haven’t got around to it.  As a temporary measure, you can lay crushed aggregate or granitic sand to create an entertaining area. You will need to compact this with a wacker which you can hire Halls Hire Mildura or Bunnings Mildura.

If your garden is really in need of attention, invite your guests over after dark. Use the dim light to your advantage. Candles can help create a tranquil atmosphere, you can dress up the garden with bamboo citrus torches and be sure to use floating candles in any water features.

Your guests will love the experience.

Merry Christmas to all!

Tom Fagan

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